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■ Corporate purposes
  Innovation and development excellence.

■ The spirit of enterprise
  Quality in fine aim at credibility.

■ Business philosophy
  Cast industry brand to lead the industry in the future.

■ Employing the concept
  The employer is not the only pro-virtuous does not avoid pro.

■ Life philosophy
  After work people do respect others equal respect for themselves.

■ Enterprise Value Concept
  Management - the ability to create effective management response.
  Innovation - constantly looking for gaps continuous improvement gap.
  Integrity - honesty and trustworthiness as good as gold.
  Communication - honest to the group as a bridge to heart soulmate.
  Understand - hear different views to adopt reasonable suggestions.
  Learning - endless.
  Unity - unity is strength unity born of hope.
  Thrifty - diligence and simple pride extravagance shameful.
  Words and deeds - not conducive to business say the words do not form in the enterprise business.
  Conduct - cherish themselves respected colleagues.

■ Management philosophy
  Work procedures, performance digital, dynamic management.

■ Marketing concept
  To promote its services expanded to increase.

■ Security concept
  Responsibility is extremely heavy security is effective.

■ Ethics Concept
  Law-abiding, loving plants such as home, Honor and Disgrace, civilized practice, unity and friendly, professional dedication.

■ Work style concept
  Strict fine real fast.

■ Concept of social responsibility
  Contribute to society, to provide a good space for development, to provide customers with products and services.

■ Quality Policy
  Optimized formula, careful operation, quality products to meet customer requirements for innovative products and good after-sales service to win customers.

■ Quality goal
  Products manufactured passing rate of 100%; customer satisfaction rate of more than 90%; annual development of a new product, or to carry out a technological transformation.

■ Staff commitment to quality
  Strict implementation of the technological process of production to ensure product quality; strictly enforce safety rules, to ensure production safety; efforts to study the production of technical knowledge, competent at their jobs;
  Quality accident occurred due to errors in the work, resulting in economic losses, and is willing to accept the administrative and economic penalties.

■ Eight Dos and Don'ts
  To love the motherland proud, ashamed to harm the motherland, proud to serve the people to betray the people ashamed Uphold Science, Discard Ignorance to be proud of the hard work to ease disgrace to solidarity proud to selfish ashamed to be honest and trustworthy proud to unscrupulous ashamed to be law-abiding pride ashamed to break the law, proud to work hard to voluptuous shame.

■ Employees Ethics
  Upright, honest and kind, law-abiding, obey the leadership, honorable, magnanimous mind, upright style, tried to stay, polite, good ethics, solidarity, friendliness, self-weight, full of energy, instrumentation Rui Zhuang, dedication, loving plants love post.

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