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Shaoxing dyeing: want to tell you, was not to get rid of the empty temple monk!

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Last year, the end of the Lunar keqiao district government in Shaoxing, a piece of paper off a storm, sudden this document not only too busy township streets many government officials, but also worry about the evil was discontinued more than 60 business owners. A piece of paper so that more than 60 printing and dyeing enterprises -1.html "> printing company immediately shut down since the introduction of the document has been just over a month's time, the current market has emerged a strong reaction and volatility, which is worth the relevant departments attention.

Was not to get rid of the empty temple monk

Shaoxing textile industry chain cluster advantage of the possibility of continuing concern

Because on the one hand now suddenly textile industry supply chain cluster acts as a "nexus role dyeing process" industrial artificial cliff-style cuts in production capacity, resulting in the decrease in the area every day Keqiao about more than 1200 ten thousand meters of fabric dyeing processing, so that the current is not shut down still left to continue the production of printing and dyeing enterprises, there has never been in the history of printing and dyeing cloth processing business busy storage fabric nowhere stacked in the factory, dyeing factory does not receive new orders for new customers, customers are not allowed to feed into the plant without authorization, printing and dyeing processing fees skyrocketing price per meter case 0.60 (in tonnes soared 600 per tonne to 800 yuan). On the other hand due to the skyrocketing price of dyed fees, feeding cloth dyeing factories lack of timely printing and dyeing processing, delivery time is prolonged indefinitely large number of downstream customers, distributors, buyers can not afford, leading textile city venue reseller customers can not receive orders, no textile business to do in the situation.

Since a large number of printing and dyeing cloth was stuck in this part, in the "printing industry chain enterprises" upstream some knitting, circular machinery, textile fabric of daily production can not be "sourcing production + + sales" normal circulation , could only watch as every day more fabric piled in the workshop, some have chosen to cut or stop production.

Shaoxing textile industry is the traditional industries, mother industries, the economic pillar industries, successive governments insights and Shaoxing People "four thousand spirit" created today's textile industry, particularly in creating a domestic, international and unique not today It can rival China textile City market. Textile City Market not only to the local people brought great wealth and glory, but also created today's Shaoxing from "chemical fiber, weaving, dyeing, finishing, marketing, transport and logistics and tertiary services" such a complete regional clusters "industrial economy chain." But a piece of paper caused by abnormal fluctuations in the market today and the industrial chain of economic disorder, really feel a bit worried.

One concern:

A large number of customers and dealers are outwardly and loss transfer

Based on the data of China Dyeing and Printing Industry Association statistics, printing and dyeing cloth production in 2014 was about 35 billion meters, printing and dyeing cloth production in Zhejiang Province about 17 billion m (48.6% of the country); printing and dyeing cloth production Keqiao area of ​​about 2014 to 8.2 billion meters (accounting for 48.2% of printing and dyeing cloth production in Zhejiang province, accounting for 23.43% the proportion of the national printing and dyeing cloth production). According to the source estimates it is closed down more than 60 printing and dyeing cloth printing and dyeing enterprises in 2015 annual production of about 3.52 billion meters (each company to produce an annual production of 5 million m × 11 months); Click to estimates, now the average monthly printing and dyeing cloth production in the region than the same period last year to reduce the 293 million meters (nearly ten million meters per day reduction that textile industry plays a "nexus" role "dyeing processing chain suddenly disconnect" after, will inevitably result in current or lack of timely future a large number of fabric printing and dyeing processing backlog, and further to the surrounding area Shaoxing or other domestic provinces and cities of printing and dyeing enterprises processing.

The second worry:

Shaoxing textile printing and dyeing industry, the traditional base is subject to impact

Shaoxing traditional textile printing and dyeing industry base is subject to the impact of the recession and will shake, human, financial, material, rapid loss of market resources. This was included in the printing business shut down the majority of those have been fought in this industry for several decades, many printing companies are also saddled with huge debt, how can you willing to be "a piece of paper" and made this bankrupt and penniless. Old age is the business owners want to accept their fate relented quit; but vice president of his children and his men, factory director who, workshop director, and the backbone of their business but unwilling; they generally considered the industry He has been engaged in more than a decade, and some have already done much of his life, and now leave it in addition to what the industry and work to be done; so start to re-start printing and dyeing enterprises in Shaoxing surrounding areas or other domestic provinces and cities, these shutdowns the goal of universality, but also will become a trend in the future, Shaoxing dyeing area of ​​industrial transfer. According to learn knowledge, there are many areas Keqiao discontinued printing companies, many already in Jiangsu Nantong, Yancheng Sheyang other places, as well as Guangxi, Jiangxi, Anhui and other places Industrial Development Zone and surrounding area Shaoxing conduct investigation, and some companies have already landed. If you let this situation continue, I am afraid that when the escape not only dozens of companies, dozens of batches of staff, along with the exodus and emigration certainly will be "industry resources, financial resources, customer resources, market resources" the Great shift; as people emigrated in recent years, as is removed along with the "talent and wealth" resources.

Concerns three:

Dyeing skyrocketing fees is causing the loss of customers

Dyeing behind skyrocketing fees is causing the loss of a large number of large distributors, buyers, garment factories, textile city distribution customers. Keqiao area printing processing fee price inflation is not currently the case under the rules of the market economy rose, but the surge "policy of artificial" nature of the Department's non-market economy "surge." In the case of Shaoxing surrounding area and other parts of the country dyeing processing fee price surge did not happen, we dye fees skyrocketing prices Shaoxing is not sustainable, like a boulder into the river "instantaneous short waves" as, after all, will tend to calm; because inflation currently appears that the government suddenly shut down a third of the printing company (the actual printing and dyeing cloth production accounts for about 45%), so that the industry chain "imbalance and shortage" after the surge, it will eventually be "short-lived" . Seeks profit and the law merchant market economy, necessitating a large number of buyers, dealers, clothing manufacturers leave Shaoxing, leaving the textile city, Shaoxing surrounding areas, other provinces to find a new base for weaving, dyeing and printing new base, the new marketing base. And in Jiangsu Sheyang "Textile City" market, Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, "the East China Textile City" market, in Changshu strokes mall "textile city" as well as far away in Shenzhen, "South China International Trade City" market and other areas, are suffering from a lack of open customer resources, the lack of market resources the door yet.

The fourth concern:

Whether the result of failure to stop printing downstream joint

Printing and dyeing industry chain is will lead to the "upstream" and "downstream industries' joint and several shutdowns collapse. The annual output of printing and dyeing cloth compression cut from 35 to four billion meters, when the upstream and downstream industry how to do, Textile City market can remain prosperous? Many people have such thoughts and concerns. We used to mention the old saying "shop more rope to the city, in order to more industry groups." With the old saying to describe Shaoxing "textile city" is the most accurate, the most persuasive. Why Textile City Market Development other peripheral areas is not up, prosperity is not up, and Shaoxing Textile City market is invincible, but more and more prosperous; not "Textile City" market surrounding area for years producing millions of tons of chemical fiber raw materials production base, there are thousands of knitting enterprises, with an annual output of printing and dyeing cloth over eight billion meters of printing and dyeing base such a regional "industrial chain" group, interdependent and mutually reinforcing reduce the "procurement costs, manufacturing costs, logistics costs."

It can be proved that the surrounding area of ​​Shaoxing and several other provinces to invest hundreds of billions of large-scale "textile city" but why not develop depressed and deserted, reason is not because the surrounding not a complete industrial chain and the support of business entities cause. A very familiar situation Shaoxing dyeing industry colleagues filled not without concern, he said, according to the Government's policy paper documents hard to implement it, in 2016 and 2017 in these two years to be completed Keqiao area printing company printing and dyeing cloth annual production of about 5 billion meters; than in 2015 about 9.2 billion meters of annual reduction of 42 million meters.

Follow this if Yajian year 2002 was 4.2 billion meters of printing and dyeing cloth production was estimated that at least half of the count 2.1 billion meters of printing and dyeing cloth fabric finished by the Shaoxing region "printing business" upstream industrial production (half meter 2.1 billion meters are produced by non-industrial enterprises outside the local area). Click here to estimates by analogy, in recent years in the printing industry chain enterprises of chemical fiber industry, weaving industry and in the downstream garment industry, industrial fabrics industry, business customers and other related businesses will have a "one-third" of the enterprise or customers will result in being shut down (not a market behavior, but human capacity for policy reasons overcapacity).

I hope the relevant authorities, policy makers do more research, more to listen to all parties and the majority of business operators and the opinions of the masses, to know more about the employment status of enterprises closed down after tens of thousands of local migrant workers laid off later, more research the role of printing and dyeing enterprises in Shaoxing textile industry regional economy "industrial chain", and currently more than 60 printing and dyeing enterprises which later closed down its "upstream industry conditions, its upstream and downstream industries, the textile city market transaction" status ; avoid the violation of "economic laws and the laws of the market," the decision-making and lead to "get rid of the empty temple monk" regret.

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