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Chinese textile fabric trends forecast 2017 spring and summer

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Quiet "and" unrestrained "constitute two strands of melody vividly in this season's small happiness keen perception; For Sunlife waving motion; humor Interpretation of Meng interesting life; interactive adventure of spiritual experience, showing movement affordable elegant style beautiful season.

Fortunately indeed beauty

Escape from virtual networks and complicated material world, people are again looking for the spirit of the world, "pause" and "blank" to seek a sense of soul indeed fortunate, "return" has become the essence of life and the art of tracking the surest way of expression; Pursuit simple romantic, live in the moment, with a thankful and cherish for life, even the life of fleeting beauty, the heart will be the greatest tolerance and satisfaction.

Vitality of life

Sportswear is no longer the exclusive gym, but the daily work and life essential, sports and leisure continues to expand its influence, and with the combination of high technology has become synonymous with the new high-end luxury; network has unlimited power to promote the 3D virtual test user experience design rooms and other clothing, Uber and other shared economic software, wearable devices and smart materials development and widespread use of such high-tech and humanize the daily.

Meng Fun Times

This is a young and personalized theme. Disdain for associating with others, advocating straightforward expression, micro, broken, is the only feature of this generation; Meng is their simplicity, have a sense of humor expression and affinity, but also pro-active self-expression. At the same time, lower profile fun and interesting, a commercial brand to attract the younger generation gene essential for design and branding elements.

Experience the spirit

As human depth exploration of the unknown world and field experience the local culture and local customs to become the essence of the meaning of travel and adventure, cross-cultural collision and into everyday life; unlike localization hand experience of the industrial age to become passed hand , brain, heart trinity of spiritual sustenance, passing out Africa, Brazil, and other great oriental experience local culture spirit.

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