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Much cotton target price could get 500 yuan subsidy

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March 18, the National Development and Reform Commission website news, countries continue to implement the 2016 cotton target price reform in Xinjiang. Comprehensive considerations cotton market supply and demand, production costs and other benefits, the State Council approved the National Development and Reform Commission issued the 2016 cotton target price level of 18,600 yuan per ton.

Since 2014, the Central Document No. 1 proposes to start on cotton target price since the reform requirements, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Agriculture jointly issued three consecutive years cotton target price. Based target price policy is formed in the market prices of agricultural products, through the spread of subsidies to protect the interests of producers of an agricultural support policies, determined according to the cost of production plus a basic income. 2014 cotton target price of 19,800 yuan per ton in 2015 to 19,100 yuan per ton in 2016 to 18,600 yuan per ton. 2014,2015 two years, the cotton price target pilot compensation for cotton production costs and guarantee farmers a basic income, from the price point of view, the 2016 target price level is lower than the previous two years, the amount of subsidies will be?

It is understood that, as of now, the 2015 target price subsidy payments have basically issued to the hands of farmers in Xinjiang, according to the amount of subsidies for upland cotton seed sell 1.99 yuan / kg. 2015 Annual Xinjiang seed cotton price substantially 5.3-5.8 yuan / kg, farmers sell cotton is equivalent to 7.29-7.79 yuan / kg after subsidies issued. 2016 cotton target price of 18,600 yuan per ton, compared with the 2015 reduction 500 yuan per ton, according to the seed cotton yield of 300 kg is estimated that under the 2016 target price of seed cotton farmers subsidies latecomer expected average sell price of 7.44 yuan / kg, compared to 2015, floating up and down in the range of about 0.2 yuan / kg.

Since the year 2015, domestic cotton prices continued to slump. Nearly a week to the mainland on behalf 2129B grade cotton national cotton price index A (CNCotton A) average price of 12,597 yuan / ton, on behalf of the Mainland 3128B grade cotton national cotton prices B index (CNCotton B) average price of 12,001 yuan / ton . Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission, Deputy Director of Economic and Trade Division Yin Jian, said at an industry conference ChuBeiMian round out the expected start in late April, will follow the market price determined dynamically round out the low-cost, domestic and international cotton market price linkage, the market is expected to post cotton still room to fall. In the case of the current cotton market downturn, the state issued the cotton target price of 18,600 yuan per ton, much higher than the spot market price, no doubt in order to protect farmers' income and basic cotton market supply and demand.

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