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Painted handle three relations First Textile "Thirteen Five" blueprint

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In the "Thirteen Five" plan, positioning the textile industry will be adjusted, meaning more rich and diverse.

China Textile Industry Association, Sun Rui Zhe, vice president of introduction, the "Thirteen Five" since the planning and preparation of research work on how to industry in the new era new positioning as an important issue, China Textile Industry Association conducted a widely discussed. According to the world situation and circumstances, in quite a long time, China's traditional textile industry, the status of the economy and an important pillar industry as a livelihood industry will not change. This reflects China's textile industrial structure and layout optimization of new features for creating supply and demand and market allocation of resources and decisive role. Textile industry to embody prominent technology and fashion fusion, diversification pulling end consumer, but also a better understanding of the important role of the textile industry to the national economy and social development under the new situation.

Sun Rui Zhe continue to point out that in the new location, the industry to achieve sustainable development, there is need to improve the relationship between the three. The first is the relationship between industry and society. Industry in order to develop, we must first solve the problem of good industrial relations with the community. Textile industry is the pillar industry of the national economy, the international competitive advantages in the industry. Also the textile industry is still an important livelihood industry, particularly in the current process of urbanization among the textile industry also shoulder to absorb a large number of rural labor transfer tasks. The second is the relationship between industry and ecology. Currently environmental protection has risen to national strategies, related industry standards gradually improved, the relevant policy of gradually increasing pressure forming industry. If the industry ignored the ecological protection, not to improve relations with the ecology, the sustainable development will be impossible. The third is the relationship between the industry and the consumer. Textile and garment industry has crossed the level of manufactured products, the products produced in the face of much of the final consumer, shouldering improve the lives of consumers, even a responsibility to lead the lifestyle.

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